Plastic Forming Filling Sealing Machine

Plastic Forming Filling Sealing Machine

Additional information



Maximum forming depth


Cutting speed

0-25Times / min

Max capacity


Number of filling heads

2/5 filling heads are filled at the same time


PVC/PE combined sheet (thickness:0.2-0.4mm)x120mm

Filling Volume




Working Process

  • Roller sheet unwinding release
  • PVC/PE forming
  • Filling
  • Press the batch number
  • Back-end cut
  • Slitting
  • Transporting (Optional device, like cartoning machine OR labeling machine and so on)

Working Video

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Plastic Forming Filling Sealing Machine

Product Description

The machine is a kind of the Plastic Forming Filling Sealing Machine, it is suitable for small batch filling for different product and widely used for filling lotion, care solution, oral liquid, disinfectant, eye drops, nutrient solution, wine, honey, butter, sauce, pesticide, medicine, perfume, cosmetics, fruit sauce, edible oil, lubricants, chemical and special industry liquid filling.


  • PLC control, stepless frequency adjustment.
  • unwinding, plastic molding forming, filling, batch number, cut tail, punching, cutting are controlled by the program automatically.
  • No drip filling head, can prevent bubble generate, not overflow.
  • contact with the liquid all parts of the use of high-quality stainless steel, in line meet GMP standards.
  • the main pneumatic components, electrical appliances are well known brands.
  • Filling system adopts mechanical pump, high accuracy. We can also customize different pump for different product with various kinds of flow-ability.
  • The plastic forming, filling and sealing machine can be connected with labeling machine and cartooning machine to be filling sealing and labeling cartooning line.

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