How to choose most suitable liquid filling systems?

There are so many filling solutions.By filling products, there are liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, cream filling machine, sauce filling machine.By product material, there are fluid filling machine, semi-fluid filling machine, powder filling machine.Here we want to talk about all kinds of the fluid and semi-fluid filling machines. We will be pleased that if […]

For Plastic Tube Sealer, Ultrasonic Sealer Or Hot Air Heater Sealer?

In plastic tube sealer manufacturing field, ultrasonic sealer and hot air heater sealer are used for tube sealing. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Here we want to compare them for your reference. Hot Air Heater Sealer Principle: hot air heater (LEISTER) are used to heat the tube inside, then the plastic will be dissolved. At the same time, cooling water from […]