For Plastic Tube Sealer, Ultrasonic Sealer Or Hot Air Heater Sealer?

For Plastic Tube Sealer, Ultrasonic Sealer Or Hot Air Heater Sealer?

In plastic tube sealer manufacturing field, ultrasonic sealer and hot air heater sealer are used for tube sealing. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Here we want to compare them for your reference.

Hot Air Heater Sealer

Principle: hot air heater (LEISTER) are used to heat the tube inside, then the plastic will be dissolved. At the same time, cooling water from water chiller will be go around the outer side of the tube to keep the tube shape. After that add a press to make the plastic sealed together.

  1. Cooling water chiller is needed to offer cooling water.
  2. When the machine start, turn on the hot air heater and fan first to let the temperature of hot air up to 380 degree. And when production finish, must turn off the hot air heater first, fan still working, to let the temperature down to the room temperature, then turn off the power.
  3. It can seal linear tube tail with or without hanging hole.
  4. Speed is 30-50 pcs/min.

Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

Principle: It is a kind of mechanical wave, which is composed of a power supply system, and an ultrasonic vibration system. It is a reciprocating high frequency, high power mechanical energy, let plastic dissolve and sealing by ultrasonic welding, pressure is needed to seal the tube.
  1. Does not need to wait and cooling water chiller.
  2. Low power, energy-saving.
  3. Can sealing linear, different shape tube tails with r-cut or hanging hole.
  4. Speed 18-30 pcs/min.
  5. Can sealing dual-layer plastic tube.

Tabletop tube sealer normally use ultrasonic, energy-saving, timesaving. Only for sealing function. FS-002. It also can be used together with filling machine.
Plastic tube filling sealing machine can both use hot air heater and ultrasonic sealing, such as ultrasonic sealer FS-009, hot air heater TFS-40A, TF-40A. the filling use piston filling system. Drip proof, filling 10-250ml cream, gel, toothpaste and so on.
Two-layer plastic tube use ultrasonic sealer, as ultrasonic sealing has good penetrability, it can seal the two tube at the same time. The system is also the two piston filling systems for the 2 products.



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