How to choose most suitable liquid filling systems?

How to choose most suitable liquid filling systems?

There are so many filling solutions.
By filling products, there are liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, cream filling machine, sauce filling machine.
By product material, there are fluid filling machine, semi-fluid filling machine, powder filling machine.
Here we want to talk about all kinds of the fluid and semi-fluid filling machines. We will be pleased that if it will give your some advice when you choose a liquid filling machine.
By filling methods, there are gear pump filling machine, peristaltic pump filling machine, piston pump filling machine, weight quantitative filling.

1. Gear pump filling machine

  • High filling speed, high filling accuracy, big filling range(1-1000ml) can be filled in one machine, don’t need to change pump, and it is the highest cost.
  • The filling speed for different filling period can be adjusted, for example, the speed of the last 10% can be adjusted slower to avoid the product out of the containers.
  • The products go through the gear, all the contact parts are high quality stainless steel 316L.
  • It applicable for all kind of liquid materials, such as fluid, cream and so on.

2. Peristaltic pump filling machine

  • High filling accuracy, low cost.
  • The product contact parts are only air tube, don’t contact the pump, clean and safe. It is easy to change the tube after using a period.
  • It applicable for high fluid materials, like water, e-liquid, oil and so on.

3. Piston pump filling machine

  • For middle volume filling from 10-500ml
  • Piston pump filling has the filling range, such as 10-100ml, 50-150ml, 100-500ml. if you have many different containers from 10-500ml, we have to change the piston pump to ensure the filling accuracy.
  • It can also be controlled by servo motor.
  • It applicable for cream, sauce products.

4. Weight quantitative filling machine

  • For more than 2L filling.

According to the filling principle, normal pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine.

1. Normal pressure filling machine

  • It is filled by liquid weight under atmospheric pressure.
  • This type of filling machine has two types: time filling and volume filling.
  • It is only suitable for filling low viscosity gas-free liquids such as milk, wine, glue and so on.

2. Pressure filling machine

  • it is filled at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. The pressure in the liquid storage tank is higher than the pressure in the bottle. The liquid flows into the bottle by the pressure difference.
  • The filling of the viscous material or the high-speed production line adopts this kind. method.
  • It is suitable for high viscous materials and Gas-containing liquid filling, such as sealant, lubricating oil, beer, soda, champagne.
  • The hydraulic press and the piston pump can be used together.
filling solution

3. Vacuum Filler

  • Filling in a bottle at a pressure below atmospheric pressure.
  • The filling machine has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, wide adaptability to the viscosity of materials, such as oil, syrup and fruit wine.

When selecting a liquid filling machine, it is better that you can provide all specifications of your products and packaging containers, so that professional filling machine suppliers can give reasonable advice based on material characteristics, packaging materials, filling volume, filling accuracy, and output capacity.



Hi, I’m Sandy Luo, the funder of, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes packing equipment for 8 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to filling and packing machine from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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